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This site has common information that could be accessed by all visitors and a restricted area for members of the Group. If you are a member, please register with your details now. You may visit the Group constitution page under ‘About Us’ to see your eligibility. Once the committee approves your request, you will be granted with required permission to visit the member area.

Royal College Group of 86, was formed in year 1987 by some of our own Group members who were in the Prefects Guild at that time. Moving on from our humble beginnings we have come a long way becoming one of the most active and a vibrant Groups in the annals Royal College. Apart from the exceptional performance displayed in the educational arena by producing a large number of professionals in a variety of fields, we have also been widely recognized by the college community for the great work we have undertaken during the past 3 decades for the betterment of the great hallowed institution.

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Deepal Priyanjith
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